4 Pi + 1 Arduino = UDOO

UDOO: A new addition to the affordable Linux embedded dev board bunch

Today, while browsing through my favorite tech-blogs I stumbled across a post about a new Kickstarter campaign (Kickstarter) for a new ARM based development board.

This one is going to be a little different though. It will combine a very powerful ARM SoC (capable of running Android or Linux) with an Arduino compatible microcontroller (capable of performing fast IO operations).

The Arduino compatible part is basically an Arduino Due on board. It is the same Atmel microcontroller as the Due and the breakout headers are pin compatible with the Arduino Due as well. So there’s a powerfull 32Bit ARM-Cortex M3 microncontroller for the kind of IO operations that require precise timing (like PWM, or interfacing with uncommon types of serial/parallel buses that aren’t implemented in your typical ARM SoC and/or need a real time software implementation).

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Hello World!

For a while now I’ve felt the need to document my projects, ideas and experiments.

The internet is a great source of knowledge and it has helped me countless times over the years. Thus I think it is about time that I start to contribute.

At first I will document some of the projects that I’ve already finished. Which means I’ll have to go through all the stuff that still exists and see if I can come up with some kind of useful documentation for it.

Once that’s done I’ll continue writing about more recent projects and ideas.

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