Daily Archives: 18. December 2013

Hackaday contest

I stumbled upon the new hackaday contest: http://hackaday.com/2013/12/03/new-contest-win-one-of-20-microchip-fubarino-boards/ (admittedly I did so very late, because the deadline is in less than 24h ), but I thought my MWO Controller is the perfect candidate to manipulate into an entry for that contest.

By adding the following lines of code:

  if ((profile.key[0]-0x4000) == 32 &&
      (profile.key[1]-0x4000) == 30 &&
      (profile.key[2]-0x4000) == 32 &&
      (profile.key[3]-0x4000) == 32 &&
      (profile.key[4]-0x4000) == 36) {
    // first row of button matrix spells "31337", so we output the hackaday URL on every keypress

to the fireKeyEvent function within the event.h file the MWO Controller will print out “http://hackaday.com” whenever the first 5 buttons of the matrix on the touchscreen are assigned keys to spell out “31337”.

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